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Die Wochendosis vom 15.07.

This weeks editions is all about the Nord Stream Race 2019.

It´s been intense, it´s been long, it´s been a challenge but once again we did it!

Let´s take a look back to all the videos produced during the fabulous

NSR 2019. And some of the pictures taken throughout the race.

Nothing is to compared with what I've seen on the each offshore leg.

There were downwinds. There were upwinds. And absolutely no wind throughout every leg. We nailed top speed up to 26 knots on a downwind course and hammered for more than 10 hours against the waves on a upwind course.

I was sleeping for hours and hours on the rail but I had also the joy to enjoyed the exclusive and phenomenal sleeping on the finest high-tech-carbon fiber mattresses of a club swan 50. Yay! I will never forget, waking up on the rail and thought it was around mid day, because it was already so so so bright at that moment, like you would expect it around 12 o'clock and than looking at the watch, realizing that it was only 3 am in the morning ... Thanks to the magic of midsummer!

I experienced the spirit, the tactics and communications of each team from the different nations. And had the pleasure to be welcome more than as a guest on every boat.

All pictures are straight out of the iPhone camera. No additional post was done nor needed!

Its been a lifetime experience. Once and for all.

18 hours on the fastest and shortest Leg against 60 hours on the longest and thoughest Leg. The best feeling however is when you arrive save at the finish line and one piece. And Babsi welcomes you with fresh food and beer :)

Done and dusted. Again.

Team NSR 2019

Thanks everyone. See you next year.

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